What We Do

What we Do

As a ’boutique’ supplier, we primarily supply furniture and decorator items to smaller retail groups and stand- alone stores. We have a diverse selection of product ranges, and our customer-friendly purchasing policies allow stores to import a wide range of ‘looks’ in a single container. What’s more, we are small enough to be able to create entire product ranges to meet your specific needs.

We build our own furniture and decorator items from the best local raw materials. We also carefully select raw furniture and decorator pieces from a handful of craftsmen and women for finishing in our factory, so that we can guarantee you a uniformly superior finish from the first piece to the last.

Our choice of raw materials includes Fruitwood, Teak, and small amount of Mahogany and recycled timbers. We are also able to offer a select range of restored antique products when they become available to us. 

Our finishes include Polished, Painted, Natural, Antique and Recycled. We can take orders for all sizes of containers – from 20′ to 40′ High Cube.

If you’ve never imported before, we can assist with shipment logistics, customs and quarantine requirements, plus you can benefit from the competitive shipping rates that we can access because of our high volume. All of these services are provided to you at our cost.

Since VIA’s inception, the company has always had a commitment towards the production of ecologically sustainable furniture. The majority of our products are produced using either teak or fruitwood, sourced from villages surrounding the manufacturing and warehouse facility in Indonesia.

The company’s latest expression of commitment to sustainability is its SVLK certification. This system requires the company to correctly track the fruitwood used in production, from tree to sawmill, and eventually our factory floor. By using extensive amounts of data and rigorous recording procedures we’re able to eliminate the sale of timber sourced from illegal logging. 

Fruitwood is now a widely used timber in the furniture industry of Indonesia. Many villagers have their own trees that are planted around their houses, which are grown and sold to the timber mill once they have reached maturity. The mature trees are then replaced with seedlings to repeat the process. Utilising this form of timber enables VIA to continue to support the regions in which we operate, while also reducing the detrimental effects to Indonesia’s natural forests.

The teak used in our furniture is also obtained through SVLK certified suppliers to guarantee that is has been sourced legally, and is of the highest quality. The SVLK system monitors the various stages involved in processing all species of timber, from the plantation to the end buyer, in an effort to accurately record the amount of timber used in furniture production and ensure its sustainability.